January 27, 2017 fiducheah

blockecpResorted to using this service to reverse publish OWA and Autodiscover for a customer with no funding for Application Delivery Controller.

You can just alter the syntax of the URL rewrite rule to consolidate the two core services with the match pattern: “mail.yourdomain.ca|autodiscover.yourdomain.ca” as seen below:



The setup of the farm is fairly generic, no one can really substantiate which is optimal so for the most part it will be default settings:

No Caching


Health test URL is: https://mail.yourdomain.ca/owa/healthcheck.htm

I used Pass Through for Proxy


No Affinity


For something free, it works relatively well as far as distributing the load and health detection.

Block ECP from being exposed to public Internet.

Add a new blank URL filtering rule in URL RewriteBlockECP1.PNG









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  1. Jeremy B

    I haven’t seen anywhere else the use of the pattern (.*), instead I’ve seen the default of simply *. But that little change was the difference between ARR working and ARR not working, as a passthrough proxy for my Exchange server farm. Just wondering if you can share where you got that trick from so maybe I can go there and brush up my ARR skills as well. Thanks.

    • fiducheah

      When you work low-level devices like F5 Load Balancers and want to write your own customized rules, you will be exposed to these syntax which are pretty universal. Unfortunately IIS ARR has fairly limited documentation I find, but it does an okay job for something that’s free.

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